In calisthenics - training your abs couldn't be easier. The very nature of calisthenics exercises help you directly or indirectly train your ab muscles. Bodyweight exercises in calisthenics all focus on the abs either primarily or not. Let's take for example the push-up & the pull-up. Both strength training exercises should be included in your workout programs since they both benefit your abs.

Women, listen up! Calisthenics and bodyweight training is very much marketed as a workout to promote the gain of your ultimate physical strength. While strength is commonly associated with male dominance, women are more likely to be interested in staying slim, toned and agile without bulking up. If you are looking for a fitness regime that works on improving your entire body, then this is the workout for you – with calisthenics, any wobbly bits will vanish with persistence. Here, Bodyweight Training Arena wants to discuss the many EXTRA benefits for bodyweight training asides from strength gain, to get across the message that calisthenics training is for EVERYONE.

Hay muchas formas de entrenar a través de la “calistenia”, (palabra que proviene del griego “kallos”, que significa belleza y “sthénos” que significa resistencia) y una de ellas es la que ofrece el CALISTHENICS EVOLUTION INSTITUTE,

A wide range of exercises that are considered repetitive & use your own body to help build strength, muscle mass, burn fat & increase the individual's flexibility is called Calisthenics. Proper use of Calisthenics means no weights are used other than the users own bodyweight.

So what exactly are the benefits of Calisthenics ?

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